About the Author Christos Kiosses

IMG_3036I am a Greek lawyer (licensed to practice in Illinois, Greece and the EU) based in Chicago, with over 20 years of experience practicing law in Greece prior to my move to the US. I have been a member of the Thessaloniki Bar Association (ΔΣΘ) since 1996 with extensive experience in litigation, counseling, legal practice and negotiations. I specialize in the fields of Real Estate Law, Inheritance and Tax Law, Commercial and Civil Law, as well as Intellectual Property Law and Family Law. I also have experience litigating a variety of commercial and business-related claims and liability matters. I am a member of the Chicago Bar Association (CBA) and the Hellenic Bar Association of Illinois (HBA).

Throughout my professional career, I have handled successfully a wide variety of cornerstone cases, creating in the process legal precedent in the Greek Legal System. Some examples include: battling fraudulent companies in a nationwide time-sharing scheme scandal, saving countless individuals in the process; achieving a landmark case against the Hellenic Mapping and Cadastral Organization, paving the way for hundreds of homeowners to reclaim their properties.

In my capacity as an accredited US and EU civil and commercial mediator, I have been involved in numerous successful court-side mediations.

With a vast network of seasoned, specialized, and experienced professionals in all parts of Greece (fellow lawyers, real estate brokers, notary publics, contractors, builders, accountants, travel agents), I am ready to handle even the most difficult or complicated cases.

I host a radio show every second Thursday at 9am Central (10am EST) on The Chicago Greek Hours Radio (ChicagoGreekHours) where I talk about Greek legal issues.

I am proud to be the legal correspondent of and a contributor to the Greek-American community newspaper WindyCity Greek (WindyCityGreek).

As an Attorney within the Law Offices of George C. Xamplas, I cater to the needs of Greek people living in the larger Chicago area and beyond with any legal issues they might have in Greece.

4 thoughts on “About the Author Christos Kiosses

  1. Hello,
    Do you handle bank issues in Greece? The account was opened here in dollars at the National Bank of Greece in Chicago. Since the bank closed the money is at the National Bank of Greece in Zografou. They will not give me access to my account in any capacity.


  2. Hi Christos,
    My Papou was born in Greece (Chalcis) and moved to the US and gave up citizenship in his late 20s. Would I still qualify for citizenship? He passed away at least 20 years ago, but I have his Greek passport, original birth certificate and I’m sure could obtain death/marriage certificates. My Yia Yia was Greek, but born in the US. Is this a process you help with? I would love to chat, I live in CO. 720.560.4701 thanks!


    1. Hello, Brittany.

      Thank you very much for your comment and for your questions. In order to find out whether you qualify for citizenship, we need to clarify what you mean by your grandfather giving up his citizenship. Did he renounce his Greek citizenship? If yes, that means that all ties to Greece have been severed. I can certainly help you with this whole process, but first, let’s gather all the information.


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