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I started writing this blog because I feel that reliable legal information and services on Greek law by a Greek Attorney servicing the Greek-American population are missing and are desperately needed. I also realize that the one thing you cannot find, you cannot buy, you cannot cheat, but you have to earn by yourself through your hard work is the most important asset in any profession: Experience. I have gained a lot of experience through two decades of practicing Greek law in Greece. Now I am located and practicing as a Foreign Legal Consultant in Chicago to utilize this experience for the benefit of all the Greek-American population and help you or those close to you solve any issues you or they might have with Greek law.

One way to do that is by tackling different and interesting topics, that all Greek-Americans find useful. The idea is not to give lectures or lessons in Greek law, but to start a conversation with all of you, my readers, and try to help you understand and solve any issues you might have.

file0001662874096In my many discussions with members of the Greek-American community here, I understand that so many of you want to have someone to give them sound advice on legal topics in Greece– be it inheritance, property, taxation, citizenship, etc. You want someone you can trust. You need someone local here, so you can have a meeting face to face and discuss any and all concerns and legal problems. But you also need someone who knows the system and will represent your best interests in Greece. My major advantage is that I have created and sustained a huge network of professionals in Greece (my fellow lawyers, real estate brokers, notary publics, contractors, builders, accountants, travel agents), ready to tackle any problem and give reliable answers and solutions.

This blog is merely an introduction of my legal knowledge, my professional background, my services and my readiness to offer help. Furthermore, this blog is a conversation, it is a two way street. I start with an introduction and you continue with comments and requests, giving me back the opportunity to continue the dialogue, so we can keep the discussion alive and helpful.

The blog will be updated every two weeks with a new and definitely interesting subject every time.

So what do you say? Let’s start this journey together!

4 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Thank you! For a while now I have toyed with the idea of obtaining a dual citizenship, both my parents were born in Greece, near Kozani. I would like to know the process of finding the proof of their marriage. I know that my father emigrated to the U.S., (I have his naturalization paper). He then returned to Greece to serve out his service duties and then married my mother. I have the ships manifest regarding their voyage to the U.S.
    Is there anyway I can find this information on line, I know the town and have gone to the web page but it does not link vital information. I feel I am close and almost can touch, but it is out of reach. I do have someone who can read Greek to assist me with translation.
    Any hints or web pages would be greatly appreciated by me and probably many others.


    1. Hello, Virginia.
      Thank you for your comment.
      I believe that there is no such site. The vital records are kept at the Municipal Authorities Offices around Greece and are released to the person involved or someone with a Power of Attorney.
      Please, email me with more information and I can assist you with the process.


  2. Hi Christos,

    I recently completed my registration/citizenship process through the consulate in Atlanta. My father is Greek with all documentation so it was about as straightforward as it goes.

    Just to give others some sense of timeline, it took exactly 1 year for my citizenship to be gained.




    1. Hello, George.
      Thank you for your message and for the information. Congratulations on becoming a Greek Citizen! Please, tell us more about it: did you apply through the process of “Determination of Citizenship” (Καθορισμός Ιθαγένειας)? What were the documents they required? Which Greek Authority processed your application? Was it the Decentralized Administration (Αποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση)?
      All this information will be very helpful to our readers.
      Once again, congratulations on your Citizenship! Stay safe and be well.
      Best Regards,
      Christos Kiosses


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